Day 34 - London

For the second last time, we hurriedly dragged all of our cases out of our accommodation and into a cab. We drove up to Gare du Nord to catch the Chunnel to London. Again, we had to run the gauntlet of young Romani women wanting to 'help us with our bags'. Once inside the station we made our way to the departure area and boarded the train, for the 2 hour ride to London.

The ride was quick and painless and we were barely aware of the fact that, for part of the journey, we were travelling 75 metres below the English Channel. We arrived at St Pancras station shortly after 1pm and grabbed a black London cab to our flat near Waterloo station. By the time we had unpacked and settled in and had some lunch it was almost 3pm and the sky was quickly darkening. 

We walked down to South Bank where the London Eye lives. It was surreal to sit and gaze across the River Thames toward Whitehall Court and the Palace of Westminster

As the sun went down, we wandered along the river toward Waterloo Bridge and back to our flat, to settle in for an early night. Tomorrow, we take on London!

St Paul's Cathedral