Day 28 - Switzerland

We awoke today, surrounded by snow and freezing winds. The snow hadn't quite made it as low as the valley floor, so we jumped the early train to Wengen which sits about 500 metres above the valley. It was the first time the kids had ever experienced snow and it was a mild blizzard! We hired some snow jackets for them and they went nuts for about 20 minutes before the tell-tale signs of frostbite started to kick in.

Dad. I can’t feel my fingers.
— Che Peters

We applied 500 cc of Hot Chocolate and then went back to the chalet, had some hot showers and packed the car for our drive to Geneva. It was a real shame that we didn't have longer in this beautiful place. I would love to just sneak away here for a month, just to get away from everything and relax. Will definitely be coming back

The drive to Geneva was quite pretty. It rained most of the way, as we drove north through Bern, then south west down to Lake Geneva and along it's northern shore to Geneva itself. It's clearly an administrative centre. Looked and felt a lot like Canberra, but has much older and nicer building. It even has a water jet, like Canberra.

It was, by far, the most expensive place we had come across. We went out and had a fairly basic Chinese meal, that back home would cost around $25-$30. Our dinner came in at around $60. Still, we expected it and had budgeted Switzerland to be pricey. 

We went for a walk and secured some desert, then went back to the apartment for an early night in anticipation of our train to Paris in the morning.