Day 6 - Istanbul

We had great plans to get out early today, but a few of us went back to bed after breakfast. I have been fighting off a sinus infection since the flight here, but it just wasn't getting any better. This holidaying stuff is really wearing us out! We let sleeping kids lie and gently roused them around 10.30 and got our selves ready for the walk to Ayasofya.

After doing some research regarding doctors in Istanbul, I discovered that you can buy antibiotics over the counter. So on the way to Ayadofya, we went past a pharmacist. With my lack of Turkish and their lack of English, I managed to explain what my ailment was and what I needed and I walked out with a course of antibiotics and 10 effervescent Vitamin C tablets for $12 Australian. Noice!

We made our way up to Sultanahmet Square past the Blue Mosque and on to Ayasofya. This place shares the magnificence of the Blue Mosque, but it is a very different place. Darker colours and more grandiose. Never the less, a breathtaking and amazing building.

When you visit these buildings, you can understand the power of religion in the middle ages. To the the average person, living in medieval homes, these places must have truly seemed the work of some other worldly power.

After Ayasofya, we were back off to the stadium to watch the Opals secure an automatic quarter finals berth with a 87-45 victory over Belarus. Greta news, as that gives us an extra day for sight seeing!