Day 4 - Istanbul

Today the kids decided to tackle the Grand Bazaar again, So we trudged up the hill, only to be met by closed doors. The Bazaar is not open on Sundays :(

Luckily, the market stalls that ring the Bazaar were all open, so we managed to pick up a few bargains for the kids. Che got a new Nike tracksuit and some Converse low cut shoes, while Zoe picked up a pair of Converse shoes and a Converse sweatshirt. We even managed to pick up some presents for Nanny and Grandma :)

We headed home for lunch and then made our way to the basketball arena for the Opals next game. They were superb again, defeating Korea 87-54 and setting themselves up for an automatic finals berth, if the can defeat Belarus on Tuesday.

Tess Lavey had an impressive game against Korea

We jumped the train back home from the stadium, to have some dinner and get ready to head out to the USA game at 9.30pm. Che was in heaven, watching his favourite player, Diana Taurasi. The game was excellent, as the Serbians actually led at several points and the US only pulled away in the final quarter. Hope the Opals were watching, as the US had a few weaknesses exposed :)

We caught the train back to our station, arriving shortly before midnight and commenced the kilometre long walk home. Like any large city, Istanbul has many beggars. They ask for money as you walk past and that is usually the end of it. One persistent guy wouldn't stop last night and continued to follow me down the street. I just kept saying no, but he kept following me. He brushed up close against me and I caught his hand going for my pocket! I slapped his hand away and lifted my umbrella and at the same time, Michelle gave a yell and raised her umbrella. Needless to say, he went running. We felt like we have what it takes to travel in a strange land and take care of ourselves. Needless to say, the kids were, again, a little freaked out, but of their own volition, they are starting to realise how lucky we are to live in Canberra. 

Having survived our brush with one of Sultanahmet's more shady residents, we quickly went home and crashed into bed.