Day 38 - London

Saturday morning so us trek back up to Tottenham Court Road and head to the British Museum.

This is another place I have dreamed of visiting, since I was very young; back from when I wanted to be Indiana Jones! Treasures from all over the world and all through time. The collection from Sutton Hoo, the wealth of Mesopotamian pieces and, of course, the Rosetta Stone; all these treasures and so much more are all on display in this marvelous building. I could have spent days wandering the halls here. An absolute must for history buffs and wannabe archaeologists :)

After the museum, we had lunch in a dodgy American 50's diner and then hit the famous shopping streets of Oxford Street and Regent Street..... and it was horrible! Way too many people. Not sure what we were thinking, heading here on a Saturday afternoon. We deftly detoured off the main streets and found our way through to Carnaby Street (Yeah Baby!) and down to Piccadilly Circus for some genuine London souvenir shopping.

From there, we wandered over to Leicester Square and on to St Martin's Lane. My Brother and sister-in-law worked in a hotel here, when they were living in London in 1999, so I wanted to take some photos of the hotel and the street for them. I went inside and spoke with the manager and apparently the whole place was going to be completed gutted and fully renovated a week later, so the timing could not have been more perfect.

We then walked down past St Martin in the Fields and onto Trafalgar Square. What a thrill it was, to be standing in front of Lord Nelson and his lions with the National Gallery overlooking the square. Such an iconic London landmark, it has always been a magnet for celebrations, social and political protests and large gatherings of every kind. Today was no different, with a large demonstration taking place to help raise awareness of the plight of the Kurdish people in the city of Kobane in Syria. We skirted round the edges and made our way to Charing Cross station and the tube ride home.