Day 35 - London

Today was what we are told was a typical London day. Drizzle; not really rain. Just soft precipitation that makes everything wet and grey. Whilst I couldn't convince anyone to venture out with me, I took myself on a walking tour down past Shakespeare's Globe Theatre to the Millennium Bridge and across the Thames. 

From there, a quick walk up to St Paul's Cathedral and around the corner to check out the Old Bailey. This building is a pivotal part of the birth of Australia, because it is where so many people first heard the news that they would transported half way around the world to serve their criminal sentence in the new colony of New South Wales!

From there, I walked down to Fleet Street in search of the Temple Church. It is well hidden behind various lanes and buildings, and sadly, once I did find it, it was closed for a special choral rehearsal :( 

I then walked down the Strand past King's College London and Somerset House before trudging back across Waterloo Bridge to our digs for some well earned lunch...and a towel.

In the afternoon, we set of on the tube to Knightsbridge and the Natural History Museum. The content is fantastic, but what really blew me away, was the actual building. Completed in 1880, it is a glorious building, with it's high vaulted central hall and brilliant exterior facades. The museum has many specimens collected by Charles Darwin during his five year journey around the world on the HMS Beagle

Sadly, it was at this stage, that we realised that it was school holidays in London. The museum was teaming with life, but not the kind we had journeyed to the museum to see. Tired children and their pushy parents made the museum hard going. The lines of people in the photos of the great hall, was the queue to get into the dinosaur hall and it was moving a glacial pace. So we resigned ourselves to a longer, return visit some day.