Day 3 - Istanbul

Today started way too early again, but only a 5.30 start as opposed to the 3.30 start the previous day. As a result of the long, wet walk home last night, I awoke without a voice, which amused the kids very much.

The rain, that had drenched us the night before, was still around, so we pretty much just crumped around the apartment until it was time to go out to the first day of the Womens World Championships.

After dreaming about this for so long, it was kind of surreal to actually be collecting my accreditation and bib and strolling out onto the floor to shoot my first world championships. I was squeaking around trying to talk to people who could not hear me and couldn't understand me, so I gave my apologies and promised to be more social in the coming days.

I won't bore the non-basketball fans with the details, but the Opals won comfortably and are looking good for a final 4 finish. 

One cool thing we did see, was the train that took us to the stadium. On the outside, it looks like a normal train, but on the inside, there are no doors or dividers between the carriages. You end up with one giant 200 metre long carriage that just looks bizarre!

After the game, I was feeling pretty exhausted, so we schlepped home, got some pizza for dinner and watched a movie on the MacBook.

This overseas holiday stuff is actually pretty hard work......