Day 27 - Switzerland

We had quite a bit of rainfall in the valley overnight and woke this morning to discover that about 8 or 9 new waterfalls had sprung up. There was a lot of mist sitting over the valley and the atmosphere was bot surreal and beautiful. Given the extra water flowing into the valley, this was the perfect time to visit Trümmelbach Falls. These falls are constantly fed by the glacial gulleys of the 3 largest mountains in the area and they slice through the side of the valley wall in the most amazing way. Thousands of years of flow have carved tunnels and internal waterfalls that thunder through the caverns with ungodly noise and powerful force. You can, literally, feel the rock vibrating around you with the power of the water surging through it.

Feeling more inspired to by the wonders of nature, and more than a little damp, I headed home for a quick shower before we all set off to the neighbouring valley and the town of Grindelwald. This valley is much more open with high but gentle hills around 3 sides, but the same dramatic cliff faces at one end of the village. it sits closest to my favourite mountain, the Eiger. It was dancing in and out of the cloudy weather and you could see the winds blasting snow and ice from its peak.

We had a lovely lunch in Grindelwald and then drove down to Interlaken for some souvenir shopping. Interlaken sits between Lake Brienz and Lake Thun and the same amazing turquoise water runs through the middle of the town.

We drove back to the chalet and Michelle and I went for a lovely walk into town, along the rapidly swelling river, before rushing back to avoid the oncoming storm that was due to set into the valley for the next day or so. We actually had a black out of the entire valley for about 30 mins during the evening and had to play poker by candle-light. Noice!