Day 23 - Milan

On Friday, we packed our bags, jumped on the Vaperetto, siad our last goodbyes to Venice and jumped on the train for our 2.5 hour trip to Milan. Arriving at Milan's Centrale station is quite an experience. It was designed under watchful eye of Benito Mussolini as a symbol of the power of his new fascist regime. It's an immense building and quite overwhelming for a train station.

After exiting 'Il Duce's' mighty edifice, we took a cab out to our very uninspiring hotel. It felt like a shoebox, in comparison, so we dumped our bags and headed into the city to catch up with Michelle's long lost cousin, Lauren and her husband, Michael.

We had some time to kill,  so we went to Milan's Piazza del Duomo to hunt down some late lunch. To stand in the piazza and take in the sight of Milan's Cathedral is an awesome sight. Today was just a taste for our visit tomorrow. 

We wandered through the amazing 150 year old Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, filled with it's high end fashion stores. Fortunately, the views are free.

After weeks of short conversations in broken english and very broken italian, it was wonderful to sit with Lauren and Michael and have a relaxed conversation. They were flying out to London that night and it was very good of them to take some time to catch up with us for an hour or so.