Day 15 - Rome


Today we visited the Colosseum and again we were with the hordes, but at least we were outside and didn't feel as claustrophobic as we had at the Vatican Museum. It's a monumental structure and when you consider it's age, it becomes even more impressive. We booked our tickets too late to get the underground and top level tour, but the basic access was still amazing. I'm certain they have modelled the MCG on this place. They both bear striking structural similarities.

Foro Romana

The Roman Forum was the centre of the Roman Empire and Roman life for over 1200 years. I've heard and read so many reviews and opinions on the Forum over the years, as being 'just a pile of rocks and broken buildings', but I believe those people are missing the point. 

So much of the traditions and rituals of the modern western world began here, in the Forum. So much of our legal systems and our ideas and implementation of Western democracy started in this ancient city centre.

It was quite hot and kids could not be less interested, but I was in awe. I took over 600 photos here, but I won't subject you to all of them.

Saint Peter's Basilica

As if I wasn't awe struck enough by our visit to the Colosseum and the Forum this morning, we were in for more astonishment when we visited Saint Peter's Basilica. The sheer scale and majesty of this building is ridiculous. As with the Ayasofya and Sultanahmet Mosque in Istanbul, I was again considering simple farmers or peasants of the middle ages, making treks to these incredible buildings, and leaving with no doubt in their minds, that some kind of higher power must exist! As magnificent as the building is, some of the artwork and sculpture inside is breath-taking. Simple photos cannot do justice, but here are some of my favourites from both inside and outside.

This ended our last day in Rome. Our 3 days were not even close to being enough time to see the wonder that Rome holds. We were left with mixed feelings of amazement and a little disappointment at the things we missed out on experiencing. We will definitely return to Roma and for a much longer time.

Tomorrow we head off, by car into the Italian country side to visit Orvieto, Siena and Tuscany.