Day 14 - Rome

Vatican Museum

Today we walked over to visit the Vatican Museum and Sistine Chapel. On the way past Saint Peter's Square, we were greeted with an absolute sea of people. By accident, we had stumbled across his holiness' Wednesday public mass. Kinda cool to sit and take it all in as Papa Francesco spoke in front of about 100,000 devotees!

We pushed on to the Vatican Museum. We had pre booked our tickets and got to 'jump the queue' (I'm sure Scott Morrison would be outraged), and made our way inside. Despite our queue-jumping, there were thousands inside. I must admit, that while the artwork and the building were amazing, the amount of people we had to contend with was absurd. So many rude, pushy idiots trying to take 'selfies' with their favourite piece of art. It really made it very hard to enjoy the experience. Having waited most of my life to see the Sistine Chapel, once inside, I couldn't wait to get out. It was the first disappointing experience of the trip.

Castel Sant'Angelo

After the ordeal of the Vatican Museum, we went home to rest for a couple of hours, before heading out to Castel Sant'Angelo.

This is an amazing building, once a mausoleum for the Roman Emperor Hadrian, it has also been a papal fortress and prison. The view from the top is brilliant and we were fortunate to be there at sunset and we were able to grab some beautiful shots of Rome.

Palazzo Navona

After Castel Sant'Angelo, we found a park with outdoor Fussbal tables. Zoe and Che played an exciting 6-5 cliffhanger before we went into the city to find some dinner. We found a great little restaurant in Piazza Navona, right next to Bernini's Fountain of the Four Rivers. Such an amazing work of art and lit up wonderfully at night. Dinner was great and we walked home with an obligatory gelato :)