Day 12 - Istanbul & Rome

This morning was packing up and getting ready for our trip to the airport to fly to Rome.

We had a nice slow morning packing all our stuff, said goodbye to our wonderful hosts and jumped in the cab for the 75 minute trip to Ataturk Airport.

Despite hitting 140kms per hour on some stretches of the freeway and the bridge over the Bosphorus, we made it to the airport in one piece.

Final goodbye photo with our wonderful hosts.

We bid farewell to Istanbul and Turkey and flew 2 hours to Rome. We arrived just on sunset, and caught an airport transfer with a great old guy, original from Calabria, but he assured us, he was not Mafia! His English was pretty good, but I was able to teach him how to count from 10 to 20; basically all the teens. He decided I was an excellent teacher and I should change careers :)

We arrived at our apartment and met our host. She showed us inside and showed us the lay of the land and how all the appliances worked. She then asked what time we would be checking out on Wednesday. Whoa! We were booked to Friday! I opened up the receipt and it turns out there are 2 people named Fabianna in the building we are staying in and they both let out their apartments to travellers. We all saw the humour in it and we called 'our' Fabianna and moved our bags into our new apartment. Catastrophe averted!

We then set out into the Roman night and into the Trastevere district in search of pasta and pizza! We found both and they were excellent. 

By now it was almost 10.30 pm so we wandered back to our apartment and settled into our beds to dream of our upcoming adventures in the Eternal City.