Day 11 - Istanbul

Today, our friend Tuna, took us outside of Istanbul to the north of the Asian side. We caught a glimpse of the more rural side of Turkey and we went to a beautiful cafe in the hills, that is run by Tuna's sister. The food was amazing, Michelle had some real Turkish coffee and Che tried some Turkish tea.

Later we drove up to the Black Sea town of Riva and got to see our first real castle. More of an outpost than a castle, but a castle none the less! The number of ships heading out of the Bosphorus and into the Black Sea was incredible. 

In the evening, we went to the Gold medal and Bronze medal finals at the Women's World Championships. The Opals easily accounted for the home team, Turkey, with a 77-44 victory to claim the bronze. The USA defeated Spain 77-64 to take the gold. It was wonderful to be a part of the World's, although the organisation of the tournament was disappointing and left much to be desired. I did get to catch up with some old buddies and congratulate them on a fantastic tournament.

Feeling short, but super proud of these tall women :)

Tomorrow, we fly to Rome and the real holiday begins!